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EUPAN Working level meetings - January 21th and 22th

21 January 2016 - 22 January 2016

Short description of Workshops 1st EUPAN Working Level meeting in Brussels, 21-22 January 2016

1. The Culture of Institutionalised Distrust by Prof. Stanislaw Mazur ( Cracow University, Poland)
The workshop reflects on one of the structural barriers to good governance, namely the culture of institutionalised distrust (CID) in public administration. And the consequences it has for the public performance of public administration organizations. CID is not a new phenomenon, but it appears that nowadays it has much more serious consequences. This is due to the increasing social expectations of citizens and companies of public administration, as well as complex socio-economic wicked problems faced by it.

2. The Civil Service merit values between employment security and flexibility by Prof. Tiina Ransma-Liiv (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia)
The workshop reflects on the impact of recent public management reforms and the financial crisis on the role of merit values in modern civil service systems and their operationalisation through employment security. How to operationalise the merit civil service systems under contemporary circumstances which require more flexibility from the civil service compared to decades ago? European countries have different departure points when addressing merit values and different balances between employment security and flexibility. Whilst one country may be in need for more flexibility, another country may have to strengthen employment security to guarantee basic merit values in the civil service.

3. Education across Europe: adequate policymaking based on good governance principles by Prof. Miguel St. Aubyn (University of Lisboa, Portugal)
Prof. Miguel St Aubyn will reflect with the participants about two topics. First of all he will discuss with you, that from a point of view of good governance, it is essential to invest seriously in education. The reason is because it is proven, that this is a prerequisite for economic growth, better quality of governance, an effective democracy, equal opportunities, social and political trust and health. Secondly, we will discuss the importance of the application of principles of good governance in the public sector, using the educational domain as an example and start for the discussion.

4. Feedback for a better performing public sector by Prof. Alex Brenninkmeijer (Member European Court of Auditors, former Dutch National Ombudsman)
The SCP and the Hertie study have shown that organising effective independent feedback systems form the basis of a successful strategy to improve the performance of the public sector and suppress corruption. Participants in this workshop are invited to reflect on how feedback by independent institutions such as courts, auditors and ombudsmen, and direct feedback by citizens as users of public services, can guide the public sector. The issue that feedback systems can only flourish in an open and cooperative context will be specifically addressed.

5. Indicators for Good Governance and Performance by Dr. Benedikt Goderis (Netherlands Institute of Social Research, The Netherlands) and Dr. Alina Mungiu-Peppidi (Hertie School of Governance, Gemany)
In this workshop we will explore which indicators can be used to visualise the functioning of public administrations. The researchers will be available to further discuss their studies on performance and integrity and trust in European Member States. Specifically, a discussion will take place on which data are needed to reflect the functioning of countries. This would eventually enable Member States to determine which reforms would be most useful to pick up. The indicators should generate data which provide food for discussion between Member States, also within EUPAN. The workshop on the first day may focus specifically on the public administration, whereas the workshop on the second day could focus on public sector performance more in general.

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